Wednesday, September 9, 2015

First week of reality


Last days in Romania was very funny, but at the same time was very sad and I felt little bit lost, because I couldn't realize that my EVS life had ended. Last week was full of goodbye parties- non-official  and official one (sounds funny, but it's true). Than we had lot of dinner together, to sum up we were trying to be together all the time. My flat mates and me, we were sleeping together in Jude's bad and watching Minions :))))))

Finally I was fisrt one who left Baia Mare. Leaving was very sentimental, we cried a little, but it's not a goodbye. I talked with my BFF (jude I know u love when i am calling you BFF) on skype and she told me that she will bye tickets for Georgia soon.

Next days I was whole day outside, visiting all my friends and people who I missed. Actually I feel that I am happy to be here. I have changed and this gives me power to be who I want to be.

Thank you Romania for everything. I am happy that I did my EVS exactly in Baia Mare and that I  have met so many amazing people.

Multumesc forte mult. La revedere si pupici

Monday, July 6, 2015


Here we go again !

Did you miss me??:))) I do !

Finally real summer came in Romania, very hot but for me this kind of weather is more than perfect.

Summer 2015 had started with amazing BLAJ aLIVE FESTIVAL. It was so cool, two days festival with my favorite people, whatelse I can wish, best start for unforgetable summer memories.

After Blaj I went in Borzont. In this little village YMCA made outdoor trainning, plus media activities. These tvelwe days overfulfiled my expectations. Despite the rainy and cold weather everything was perfect. People, nature, activities, food, local comunity --- I just don't have words.
In the last evening we invited local people to come and try our traditional food, everybody came , they were inviting us in their flats to visit them if we will come again in Romania one dah. I was feeling such a big love from them. God bless Romania. :))

In the end of June we said Goodbye and Hello together. Our friends from another organization went home and in YMCA 15 new EVSers came. Imagine, so cool, yeah??? :))) First evening of their departure we went in karaoke bar,was funny, because each of us is professional in singing, especially me :))))

Pupicc and see u with another news. :)))

Monday, June 1, 2015

Here we are again

hello hello after such a long brake, I hope you are okayyyy

soo.... i don't know from where to start. I had amazing month,  new people... new stories.. new adventures.. nearly one month ago ymca did awesome training about couching. It was lasting during ten days. Whole day was full of activities, but we really enjoyed in these days. We met new friends and also old ones too. Misho came in baia mare againg, Also lika and francesca visited baia mare, they were volunteers nearly two years ago. So in one word this training was brilliantly mixed with fun and productive activities.

aftér training we continued working in normal schedule. during this time we had volunteering week. we organized photovoice, worldcafe, flashmod and painting. also on 16th of may we took a part in cleaning day. we worked hard , but also had a nice picpic near the lake.
we had meeting also in YMCA office and my team and me, we presented our project. what we did so far and how it was going.
in baia mare we celebrated LIGHTING DAY. so we did boxes, put candles inside and we lighted them, it was so beatiful.

maybe you know that WORLD PEACE FORUM was in baia mare, so I can say I am lucky, I was invited for the last day. I passed amazing day with amaizing people. It sounds unbelievable, because I met these people just once, but I will never forget them. 

and voilaaaaaa MIDTERM trainnng. Best part on this month.
I am so so so happy to meet these amazing people all around the world.
I know them just during four days and it feels like i know them all my life.
I love my EVS. enjoy with lifeeeee, cao pupicccc <3

Monday, April 27, 2015

Do it !

It had been a long time I didn't write a blog. So hello , hope you are great, look finally real spring came, actually weather looks more like a summer but doesn't matter, it's amazing to feel the sun.
I am full of great, positive feelings, these ten days were unforgettable for me. YMCA made training about couching. I will start from the beginning . Actually I didn't have any expectations. To be honest I was just thinking okaaaay it will just training course, get up early in the morning, be in training room all day and be just tired from the boring sessions. But....... But this "but" changes everything. Today I woke up early in the morning and I felt really empty, cause I realize I can't go on the training again-the reason is that it is over... Every good thing has an end. So first day of training was meeting new people, remembering our names, it sounds funny but it is really hard part. on the second day real coaching training had started. We got a lot of useful information. First days  were hard because it was focused on theory, a lot of new information. But second part of the training was already focused only on us, on practising, on discovering ourselves and on finding our goals and aims of life. During these days I learnt a lot about myself, What type of person I am, I overcame my fears, I learnt to trust somebody, I learnt to control my emotions, I learnt how to stay brave even if you are dying from the fear, I learnt to keep forward and I learnt how to be who I am. It sounds unbelievable, how is possible to do everything in ten days, but I did it during this training.
And I can say I became more confident and I believe that nothing is I'Mpossible.
Good luck and follow your goals. JUST DO IT.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015



This week was so active for me, full of emotions. Emotions which sometimes made me sad, sometime the happiest person ever :)
April started with another goodbye.  Tazo, went in Georgia. We had goodbye dinner with him and early in the morning we, all together ,went in the airport to say goodbye.

Also Orla went in Ireland, during two weeks. I can say that we need her energy as soon as possible. Come back soon Orla, we miss you :*.
Despite all these bad news I have good one too. We have new flatmate, french guy. He is from the same city as Jude, but they met to each other in Romania. World is so small... :)
Unfortunately I couldn't woke up for rugby match, but I got the news that Baia Mare team lost. Anyway I believe in this team, I saw their game last time and it was amazing.

      Pa Pa and enjoy with your life <3

Monday, March 30, 2015

Welcome =)

Hello Everybody =)))
This week went so fast, I even didn't realise that it is already last day of march. Imagine my 5 monthes of EVS is done, time really flies.
Our friends from Predeal visited us during this week. We had very nice time, we took a walk in the city, made little '' excursion '', than had a deliciouse dinner in the flat. I am sorry that we will not have midterm training together, but I hope we will be able to meet each us again. Unfortunatly theyvare leaving Romania in the end of April, so who know maybe someday... somehow we will meet again.
Also Jude's friend from france came to visit her. So we hadn't time for being bored. All the time something new was happening. On friday we had ''warm up'' dinner for Tazo's goodbye party. On saturday in the morning we all together went on a rugby match Baia Mare VS Bucharest teams. It was very good game, of course Baia Mare was the winner. In this team Georgian guy in playing. I was very proud during watching him, because he was the best player in the team.
After rugby match we went home and started preparing Khinkali. It is a georgian traditional dish. This process was very fun. Imagine Tazo was making dough, Jude and Razvan were making meat, Orla was telling us how much water or ingredients we need, Victor was rolling a dough and I was making shapes of khinkali. It was real team working. Finally dish was very deliciouse.

pa pa and enjoy with your life <3

Monday, March 23, 2015

Hello spring again and again

So finally I can say it's already spring, with warm weather and beautiful sky. Square in front of my flat is full of people, especially with children and couples.
My team and me, we are continuing our work. We went in Cavnic this week for the first time. When we arrived in this village imagine it was snowing, but in baia mare sun was shining. School, teacher, pupils everything was nice. For the first time we just got to know each other, did some energizers, funny games, everybody enjoyed during this time.

Also we went in hungarian school too. We asked kids to paint and color shamrocks. When they finished they cut shamrocks in shapes, made little sticks and added some details.
This weekend we had good time. Actually being in a company of friends is always the best you can ever do! enjoy with life and pa pa !\